Life Coaching

Life coaching addresses the core of a person -- values, mindset, energy, and personal style -- that effects every area of your life.

Life Coaching is best for you if you are looking to:

  • Better manage your anxiety so that you can act out of choice rather than compulsion
  • Restore the peace and joy you seek in your home and family
  • Find a balance between work and home so that you can have space for creativity and recreation
  • Gain clarity around your values, priorities, next steps and future goals
  • Align your gifts and passions around your actions
  • Set better boundaries with others at work, home and community so that you can be close to others without losing the freedom to be yourself

Occasionally, the coach and client opts to use evaluation tools such as a Life Wheel, Values Assessment, Everything DiSC Profile and the like. Some of these involve an extra cost.


Life Coaching begins with a 30-minute complimentary call to explore what you hope to accomplish in the coaching process and if we are the best fit for you. For traction and forward momentum towards your goals, a minimum of 3 sessions are required within a month, with each session lasting 30-45 minutes. The number of sessions may be negotiated based on the complexity of your goals and desired outcomes. Most people stay in coaching for an average of 8-9 months, but other receive such value from learning, the continue far beyond that.

Contact Steve to begin making changes that will benefit you for years to come!


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