Team Building

Are the people working with you really a team, or just a group of individuals who happen to work in the same area, on similar tasks for, hopefully, the same goals? If we were to ask:

  • Are your employees or direct reports aware of their work styles and those of their coworkers so they can work together more effectively?
  • Do your team members trust one another enough to be willing to admit mistakes and limitations, ask for help, and offer candid, humble feedback to one another?
  • Does your team engage in passionate debate around issues and decisions without making them personal?
  • Are team members willing to have difficult conversations without avoiding issues or situations for fear of hurt feelings or reprimand?
  • Do members of your team demonstrate genuine buy-in and emotional support for decisions made by the team?
  • Do team members hold one another accountable instead of relying solely on the leader to hold everyone accountable?
  • Does the team put collective results ahead of individual goals and personal status?

If the answers to most of these questions were “No,” then your group is most likely struggling as a team.

We can help.

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Effective teams practice trust, engage in healthy debate, achieve commitment, embrace accountability and pay attention to collective results. We help teams develop cohesiveness, clarity and energy necessary to perform well. Using research-driven tools such as Everything DiSC© and Five Behaviors of a Cohesive Team, we work to develop teams that have a greater competitive advantage over companies who struggle to get their employees on the same page.

Just listen to the experience of a team in the radiology department of Fort Myers, FL hospital.


Contact Steve for a complimentary call to discuss your team’s coaching needs.


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